How It Works?

Homeopaths view symptoms as a natural response from the body’s ‘vital force’ to defend an energetic disorder (i.e. a fever to burn out, vomiting or diarrhea to expel…a pathogen).  This ‘vital force’ or ‘chi’ governs all body systems (immune, nervous, endocrine) as well as its billions of chemical reactions.  When the ‘vital force’ is disturbed, its function is compromised into an over reaction (hypersensitivity) or under reaction (inability to respond appropriately).  Stimulating the vital force with a matching homeopathic remedy that mimics these defenses will enhance the person’s healing ability.  The patient’s response to the remedy is then evidenced by a resolution and improvement of all symptoms, including those associated with the disease.  Thus the disease is cured naturally as the patient recovers.

To find the correct homeopathic remedy is complex, as there are over 4000 remedies from which to choose.  The key to understanding Homeopathy is that each individual presents their own unique symptoms; therefore two people with the same disease (whether diagnosed or not), will, in all probability, receive a different remedy that will provide deep, gentle healing of the whole person rather than isolated symptomology.

Case Study by Mary Ellen Turner: Armadillium Vulgare in an asperger girl