Mary Ellen Turner’s work in Homeopathy is brilliant!  I am a very practical person.  If something works, I use it.  I began seeing Mary Ellen a while ago and almost all the presenting physical symptoms have disappeared due to her use of Homeopathy in my case.  The bottom line is I feel great physically and mentally.  Someday I will comprehend how this wonderful modality works.  In the meantime, it all seems sort of miraculous.

-Greg M

She’s one of the best in Colorado.  Being a homeopathic physician myself, I looked carefully at which homeopath I felt could best serve my healing needs.  Mary Ellen is kind, considerate, compassionate, encouraging and very skilled in her prescribing homeopathic remedies.

-Dr. Wanda B.


Homeopathy has been a God send where my overall health and well-being are concerned.   Faced with some frightening health issues in the fall of 2007  where conventional medicine failed to meet my needs, I was graciously referred to Mary Ellen a gift that as it turns out that is priceless. The time that Mary Ellen took to get to know me and truly indentify what the core causes of my symptoms were was worth it in and of itself. She was inquisitive and listened intently and for the first time since dealing with the onset of the symptoms, I felt heard.

Within weeks after taking the remedy that she concluded I needed my symptoms (constant chest pain, pain in my left arm and back and depression) were all but gone!

Three years later I am symptom free and have been for the majority of that time. In that time I have consulted Mary Ellen on other health issues, most recently with Chronic Fatigue, and time and time again I am amazed at the healing power of homeopathy.   Most importantly, I am awed by and grateful for Mary Ellen. Her passion for her craft, fuel her compassion and desire to assist those that seek her assistance. She has consistently gone well above and beyond for me as I know she does for others.   Her integrity combined with her extensive knowledge in the field of homeopathy has changed my life for the better.

-Kim M

This is the first time in my life-long quest to rid myself of my allergies and sinus problems.  My symptoms decreased within a few days and I stayed well in a very busy and stressful time of year.  I’m actually able to eat things I haven’t been able to for my whole life.  And I’m not reacting to all the allergens around me most of the time.  Homeopathy is an amazing way for people to reclaim their lives in a healthy manner.

-Shirley S

Within 30 minutes I noticed a benefit from my treatment and within a couple of months, not only were my allergy symptoms gone, but other issues (itchy skin/burning sensations in my hands) had also disappeared.  It seems to me as though my body was re-educated in how to deal with issues and I do not need to take anything which is remarkable to me.  I truly believe that Homeopathy has a huge role to play in balancing our health naturally with none of the side effects associated with over-the counter or prescription drugs.  It’s such a relief to discover there is an alternative course of action. 

-Jane G