Consulation Process

While Homeopathy has a long history of treating acute conditions, and epidemic diseases, chronic conditions is our specialty. We view each case from various angles:

1.   What are the particulars of symptoms (your experience)

2.   What preceded the onset of symptoms

3.   How does this effect your day to day quality of life

4.   What makes it better and what aggravates it

5.   Who is the individual (sensitivities/likes/dislikes)?

The Initial consultation is usually scheduled for 2 hours.  At this time a thorough medical history and personal history as well as a broad family medical history (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc) is recorded.  Homeopathy takes into account both the objective (diagnosis) and the subjective (experience) of symptoms, traumas and stresses. Homeopathy treats the individual with their particular set of symptoms as a whole, rather than each symptom as compartmental and separate.

A remedy is then chosen from nature (plant, mineral, animal substance) to stimulate the vital force to rebalance and heal the whole person. This process is often rapid in acute instances (flu’s, sprains, and fevers).

The time needed to cure a chronic condition depends on the severity, suppressive medications, length of time and what preceded the onset.  A “Rule of Thumb” is that for every year a symptom is manifest, it will take that many months to rebalance with the indicated remedy.  Follow-up consultations are scheduled every 3-6 weeks, where specific protocols are assessed to determine the proper direction of cure.  At which time potency and remedy choice is determined.  As progress is attained, follow-ups are less frequent (every 3-6 months).

Initial consult + remedy         $300.00
2 hours

Follow up consult                       $110.00
45-60 minutes

Acute illness/Injury                   $110.00
45-60 minutes

Brief phone call                           $40.00
15 minutes

A $50.00 discount is offered for each additional family member for the initial consult.

Payment by cash or check is expected at the time of services.  A requested receipt will be provided.  No health insurance coverage is available for Homeopathy at this time.

Beyond Coping:

We live in a society where “we want it now”.  This approach may temporarily palliate, but comes at a cost of just coping or suppression, with side effects or diminishing quality of life, rather than cure.

Our Credo:

“…the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.”

Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of Medicine